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Table: Recent Microsoft Acquisitions
(partial list)

Name of company/software Key Software Technology Date Amount Invested

Operating System

Stac Electronics Stacker Disk compression software 1994 $39.9 million
Aha software Smart Ink, InkWriter Handwriting recognition 1996 not disclosed
Lernout & Hauspie   Speech recognition software 1997 $45 million

Desktop Applications

Fox Software FoxPro Database software 1992 $175 million
Altamira Composer Graphics software 1993? not disclosed

Server Operating Systems & Enterprise Computing

Santa Cruz Operation UNIX Server operating system 1989 20% stake (still 11.5%)
Netwise Transaccess Linking databases to mainframes 1995 not disclosed
Panorama Software Systems   Multidimensional database 1996 not disclosed
Trados Translators Workbench Multilingual document production facilities for software developers. 1997 20% stake
Wildfire Communications Wildfire Voice recognition integrated into Microsoft's Outlook e-mail 1997 Equity investment (undisclosed amount)

Vendor Training & Professional Services

VANstar   Professional services and skills aimed at enterprise computing 1995 Equity stake and funded training for its engineers
ENTEX Information Services   Professional services and technical 1996 5% stake with training
XLConnect Solutions Inc.   Professional services and skills 1997 Equity stake with training

Multimedia Internet Standards

VDONet Corp. VDO Wave technology Video steaming 1996 5% stake
Progressive Networks Inc RealAudio Audio/Video streaming 1997 10% stake
Vxtreme   Video streaming 1997 $75 million

Internet and Enterprise Development Tools

One Tree SourceSafe Source code management; used in Visual Basic and Visual Studio 1994 not disclosed
Vermeer Vermeer (renamed Frontpage) Web site editor & management 1996 $80 to $130 million
NetCarta Web Mapper (now Site Analyst) Web site management 1996 $20 million
Aspect Engineering dbWeb Internet Tools for the Web 1996 not disclosed
ResNova Software WebforOne and Boulevard Mac Web server Software company 1996 not disclosed
Proginet Corp TransAccess, Proginet Oasis Linking Web applications to mainframes Dec 1996 not disclosed (10% stake)
Interse Corp. Market Focus (now Usage Analyst) Web site analysis (incorporated in MS Site Server) 1997 not disclosed
Coopers & Peters EyeOpener Java and Smalltalk tools, add to MS AFC 1997 not disclosed
`LinkAge Software Inc. NotesConnector and email software Support Microsoft Exchange on e-mail in enterprise computing 1997 not disclosed

Java-related investments

Colusa OmniVM Java-like object-oriented software 1996 not disclosed
Dimension X Liquid Motion Interactive software, key java tools 1997 not disclosed
Apple Computer MacOS Computer company 1997 $150 million (stake)

Internet Financial Transactions

eShop   Secure Internet retailing & payment system for Merchant Server. 1996 not disclosed

On-line News Media

MSNBC MSNBC On-line news 1995 $500 million
Individual Inc. iNews Customized business news services 1995 7.4% stake
Black Entertainment Television MSBET On-line news & entertainment 1996 not disclosed (joint ownership with BET)

Interactive Entertainment/Games

Softimage Softimage High-level 3D animation 1994 $177 million
DreamWorks Interactive   Multimedia titles 1994 $30 million (50% stake)
Dreamworks SKG   Movies, music and entertainment 1994 not disclosed
RenderMorphics Ltd. Reality Lab 3D graphics for games 1995 not disclosed
Bruce Artwick Organization Flight Simulator Games software 1995 not disclosed
SingleTrac Entertainmnet Twisted Metal Game software. 1996 not disclosed
Atomic Games World at War, etc. Games software 1996 publishing titles
Rainbow America Fury 3 Games software 1996 publishing titles
Exos Force Feedback Joystick and input devices 1996 not disclosed
Electric Gravity Internet Gaming Zone On-line gaming environment 1996 not disclosed

Internet Access & Cable

UUNet   Internet network infrastructure 1994 13% stake (bought by MFS in 1996)
Web TV Networks   Internet access device 1997 $425 million
Navitel   Internet telephone software to integrate into Windows CE & WebTV 1997 not disclosed (minority stake)
Comcast Corp   Cable company, QVC 1997 $1 billion (10% stake)

Note: Bill Gates has also made personal investments through his digital image archive company Corbis and in his proposed $9 billion joint venture in the Teledesic company seeking to create high-speed satellite access to the Internet.

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