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The First Amendment Teach-In is an electronic newsletter published by Chris Roth ( ). Subscription information is included below. In addition to Action Kits like the one below, the newsletter features dossiers and FAQ's on free speech, artist's rights, and separation of church and state. Posted with Chris Roth's permission, the following Action Kit includes some excellent tips on how activists can use talk radio and public affairs television to get their message out to the public. Chris encourages activists to create similar telephone lists of call-in radio and television shows within their own community.

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This directory was updated on 31 May 1997

TV & Radio Call-in Numbers for Wisconsinites

WI Radio Stations

WRJN-AM  1400 khz        Racine      (414) 634-WRJN
WLIP-AM  1050 khz        Kenosha     (414) 694-1050
WTMJ-AM   620 khz        Milwaukee   (414) 799-1234
                                     (414) 967-5562 (FAX)
WISN-AM  1130 khz        Milwaukee   (414) 799-1130
WNOV-AM   860 khz        Milwaukee   (414) 799-1668
WHAD-FM  90.7 mhz        Delafield

when WPR programming originates from Madison studios, if you are calling from Madison or Milwaukee, touch: (414) 263-1890

when WPR programming originates from Milwaukee studios, if you are calling from Milwaukee touch: (414) 227-2050

outside of Milwaukee and Madison touch: 1-800-486-8655

WGEE-AM 1360 khz      Green Bay      (414) 455-1360

WI TV Stations

WTMJ-TV  VHF channel  4  Milwaukee   (414) 799-TMJ4
WITI-TV  VHF channel  6  Milwaukee   (414) 799-1500
WISN-TV  VHF channel 12  Milwaukee   (414) 799-1212
WVCY-TV  UHF channel 30  Milwaukee   (414) 935-3030
WDJT-TV  UHF channel 58  Milwaukee   (414) 799-2085

National Feeds

Tom Snyder's CBS talk program        1-800-952-2788
National Empowerment Television      1-800-5000-NET
National Public Radio                1-800-989-TALK (8255)
MSNBC                                1-888-MSNBC-USA
(be prepared to record a concise message)


MATA channel 14 on Warner Cable in Milwaukee    (414) 799-LIVE (5483)
MATA channel 47 on Warner Cable in Milwaukee    (414) 225-3565

Please send additions or corrections to:
(c) 1997 by Chris Roth. All rights reserved.

Telephone Tips: A Checklist

Content Tips: A Checklist

This is an age of everything-is-personal-and-intrapersonal psychobabble. Sometimes a radio host will try to frame your contribution as if it's your personal opinion. If you fall into that trap, then your credibility will shrink.

Do You Live Outside of Wisconsin?

If you live outside of Wisconsin, then consider creating your own list. Distribute that list only to people who oppose attacks on cherished First Amendment liberties (artists' rights, separation of church and state, reproductive autonomy, the right to die, official prayer in public school, evolution, etc.). You can distribute your list via electronic mail, US Mail, or during presentations to pro-First Amendment community groups.

Do You Live in Wisconsin?

The list of live call-in numbers presented above is largely confined to SE Wisconsin. Numbers for some stations in the Madison, Janesville, Eau Claire, La Crosse, Wausau, and Fox Cities (Appleton, Green Bay, etc.) population centers are missing. If you live in or near one of those cities, then you may want to find out what the local numbers are and send them to to me at . (Here's how to obtain those numbers. Open up your telephone directory. Call TV and radio stations in your area and ask for the telephone numbers used during live call-in segments. Or you could just listen or view during live call-in programming and record the number on a sheet of paper.) I will add your submissions to future versions of this Action Kit.

Trend: Viewer Comments

Many Wisconsin-based TV stations now air viewer feedback. An onscreen number is used to gather brief voice mail comments. Those brief comments are bundled together and aired. If you record a message, know that you do not need to explain what the topic is. Viewers will already know what the issue is because an anchorperson will announce that before your recording is broadcast.


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(c) 1997 by Chris Roth. All rights reserved.

Chris Roth, an expert on the First Amendment rights of artists, is also a writer, close-up magician, and magazine cartoonist. He is currently writing two nonfiction books. Roth has taught at University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee (UWM) and Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD). He is a member of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and People for the Amer- ican Way (PFAW). Roth's articles have appeared in the Journal of Com- munication, Privacy Journal, Writer's Digest, The Artist's Magazine, The Humanist, and Shepherd Express. His e-mail address is: