NetAction's Sample Support Letter

Dear (Senator or Representative),

Open source software has significant benefits for the U.S. economy. As NetAction concludes in the attached White Paper, open source software can help curb Microsoft's monopoly, alleviate some Year 2000 computer problems and strengthen computer security.

I urge you to review this White Paper and consider implementing the steps NetAction has identified to promote wider use of open source software.

As the world's largest software consumer, the U.S. government is ideally situated to promote widespread use and continued development of open source software through its purchasing policies. The potential benefits include cost savings, increased reliability, and security.

Please contact NetAction directly if you have questions about the White Paper.


(Your Name)

(Your Address)

For your convenience, the NetAction White Paper is available as a regular HTML document, a single HTML document, a text file, an RTF file, a postscript file, a PDF file, and a MS Word 5.1 file.