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Links to more background on high speed cable Internet access:

"Why Monopolies Want 'Open Access' to Cable TV," op-ed piece by Audrie Krause

"The FCC and the Unregulation of the Internet," a Working Paper by Jason Oxman, Counsel for Advanced Communications in the Office of Plans and Policy (in PDF format)

"The Unregulation of the Internet: Laying a Competitive Course for the Future," FCC Chairman William E. Kennard's comments before the Federal Communications Bar Northern California Chapter, San Francisco, CA July 20, 1999

"The Road Not Taken: Building a Broadband Future for America," remarks of FCC Chairman William E. Kennard, before the National Cable Television Association, June 15, 1999

"Building a Broadband America: The Competitive Keys to the Future of the Internet" by Lee L. Selwyn, Patricia D. Kravtin, and Scott A. Coleman (executive summary) (in PDF)

Hands Off the Internet

Internet Telecom Project ~CyberTelecom~

State of the Internet: USIC's Report on Use & Threats in 1999

"Cable Wars: Episode 1 The History of the Battle,", July 12, 1999

"GTE, AOL align for open access fight," CNET, June 10, 1999,4,37657,00.html?

"Excite@Home tries to debunk ISP claims," CNET, June 16, 1999,4,37911,00.html?

ACM Special Internet Group on Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH) publications:

Excite@Home background page

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