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Published by NetAction Issue No. 14 October 20, 1997
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Justice Finally Gets It!
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Justice Finally Gets It!

The Justice Department has been clueless for a long time, but it appears that Justice officials are finally beginning to understand why Microsoft is a threat to cyberspace.

At a press conference earlier today, Justice Department officials announced that they are asking a federal court to hold Microsoft in contempt for requiring personal computer manufacturers to license the Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser as a condition of licensing the Windows 95 operating system. The Justice Department's announcement is fantastic news, and it may be a sign that consumer pressure is having an impact.

According to today's news reports, Justice Department officials have told the court that Microsoft's IE licensing arrangement violates the 1995 court order that bars Microsoft from anticompetitive licensing practices. Federal officials are asking that Microsoft be fined $1 million per day until they discontinue the practice.

Today's announcement is the first sign we've seen that the Justice Department understands what's at stake in cyberspace. We encourage Micro$oft Monitor readers to contact the Justice Department and thank them for acting. E-mail messages in support of the Justice Department's action should be sent to:

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