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Published by NetAction Issue No. 23 February 23, 1998
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Microsoft Hearing Action Alert
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Microsoft Hearing Action Alert


Fax or phone committee members to urge action against Microsoft and the inclusion of consumer voices at committee hearings.

Send a fax from NetAction's fax server, at: http://www.netaction.org/fax/

On March 3, 1998, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee will scrutinize Microsoft's monopoly power during a hearing on the subject of "Market Power and Structural Change in the Software Industry." Bill Gates has been invited to appear as a witness along with the CEO's of Microsoft's most vocal competitors, Scott McNeally of Sun Microsystems, Inc., and Jim Barksdale of Netscape.

As Internet users, we must keep up the pressure on our representatives in Congress in urging a full review of all of Microsoft's monopolistic and anti-competitive practices.

NetAction is asking everyone who is concerned about Microsoft's growing monopoly to fax and/or phone the committee to thank the members for holding the hearing and pushing for a full review of Microsoft's practices, and also to ask that more consumer voices be included in the committee's deliberations. While hearing from Microsoft's industry competitors is important, consumer and non-industry technology users have different and equally important concerns about the dangers of Microsoft's proprietary approaches. And since consumer welfare is the purpose of antitrust law, it is crucial that our voices be heard during these hearings.

The hearings are an important event since Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), chairman of the Judiciary committee, has expressed significant criticisms of Microsoft in recent months, most recently at a technology conference sponsored by the Progress & Freedom Foundation. At this conference, Hatch stated, "Many certainly do believe that this is what Microsoft is out to achieve, in effect a proprietary Internet." He argued, further, that "It is dangerous, unhealthy, and harmful to innovation and consumer welfare where that firm (indicating Microsoft) can exploit its existing monopoly to prevent new competitors with innovative, paradigm shifting technologies, from ever having a fair shot at winning and becoming the new market leader or de facto standard." (Hatch's talk is online at http://www.pff.org/microsoft/Hatch98.html.)

NetAction has set up a fax server to help Internet users convey concerns about Microsoft to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and to urge committee members to support our recommendations for restraining Microsoft's anti-competitive practices.

Go to: http://www.netaction.org/fax/ to send a fax now, or phone the committee members at the numbers listed below.

Faxes and phone calls should be directed to the Judiciary committee and to the Senators serving on the committee.

Committee members and their phone and fax numbers are:

Judiciary Committee Office(202) 224-5225(202) 224-9102
Orrin G. Hatch, Utah, Chairman(202) 224-5251(202) 224-6331
Patrick J. Leahy, VT, Ranking Member(202) 224-4242Not available
Strom Thurmond, South Carolina(202) 224-5972(202) 224-1300
Charles E. Grassley, Iowa(202) 224-3744(202) 224-6020
Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania(202) 224-4254(202) 228-1229
Fred Thompson, Tennessee(202) 224-4944(202) 228-3679
Jon Kyl, Arizona(202) 224-4521(202) 228-1239
Mike DeWine, Ohio(202) 224-2315(202) 224-6519
John Ashcroft, Missouri(202) 224-6154(202) 228-0998
Spencer Abraham, Michigan(202) 224-4822(202) 224-8834
Jeff Sessions, Alabama(202) 224-4124(202) 224-3149
Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts(202) 224-4543(202) 224-2417
Joseph R.Biden, Jr., Delaware(202) 224-5042(202) 224-0139
Herb Kohl, Wisconsin(202) 224-5653(202) 224-9787
Dianne Feinstein, California(202) 224-3841(202) 228-4741
Russell D. Feingold, Wisconsin(202) 224-5323(202) 224-2725
Richard Durbin, Illinois(202) 224-2152(202) 228-0400
Robert Torricelli, New Jersey(202) 224-3224(202) 224-8567

This is a critical time in our campaign, so we urge you to take a few minutes right now to use the NetAction fax server, and/or call the Senate Judiciary committee members.

Questions or comments? Write to Nathan Newman, NetAction's Project Director for the Consumer Choice Campaign, at: .

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