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Published by NetAction Issue No. 19 May 19, 1997
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Boycott Shell Gas On The Information Highway
A Cyberspace Conference On Communities
Cyber-Consumers Challenge The Microsoft Monopoly
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Boycott Shell Gas On The Information Highway

The environmental justice movement has a powerful outreach tool in Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly, a free electronic newsletter published by the Environmental Research Foundation and edited by Peter Montague. While the newsletter is available in print, its impact is greatly expanded by the cyberspace edition.

The newsletter addresses a broad range of grassroots environmental justice concerns and challenges the compromise positions endorsed by mainstream environmental organizations like the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). To subscribe to Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly, send E-mail to: with the single word SUBSCRIBE in the message.

Each week's issue focuses on a single topic. This week's issue is entitled "Crimes of Shell," and provides background information on a worldwide boycott of Shell products. The boycott was prompted by events at a Shell subsidiary in Nigeria, Africa, where an oil spill destroyed the farmland and water supplies that sustained the Ogoni people. Shell assisted the Nigerian military dictatorship in a campaign of terror that resulted in nearly 2,000 deaths after Ogoni activists demanded that Shell clean up the spill and share its profits with the community.

In addition to boycotting all Shell products, the newsletter recommends that environmental justice activists pressure Congress to impose sanctions against Nigeria, and contact the president of Shell's U.S. subsidiary:

Philip J. Carroll
Shell Oil Company
P.O. Box 2463
Houston, TX 77252
(800) 248-4257
fax (713) 241-4044

Activists can also subscribe to an E-mail discussion list that focuses on the Shell campaign. To subscribe to Shell-Nigeria-action, send email to with the message: subscribe shell-nigeria-action your-email-address in the message. More information is also available by contacting Dr. Owens Wiwa at .

A Cyberspace Conference On Communities

Internet activists are increasingly turning to E-mail and the Web as forums for virtual conferences. The technology offers a low-cost option to traditional conferences and makes it possible for participants to join in at whatever time of day is convenient.

For five weeks beginning May 22, Internet users will have an opportunity to participate in a cyberspace conference that will examine the impact the Internet's emerging global culture is having on local communities.

Sponsored by the Center for Civic Networking and Metasystems Design Group, the Virtual CivicNet will explore how new information products and services can enhance community and civic life, and identify ways in which non-profit organizations, government, and small business can work together to ensure access to information technology.

Keynote "speakers" include Howard Rhinegold, author and founder of Electric Minds; Catherine Weldon of Community Networks, Inc.; Mark Abramson of Leadership, Inc; Carolyn Lukensmyer of America Speaks; Paul Ray of American LIVES; and David Wilcox of UK Communities Online.

Registration for the virtual conference begins today (Monday, May 19). To register, visit, call (within the U.S.) 1-800-277-0414, or contact Amy Eunice, Conference Coordinator, at . There is a registration fee of $50.

Cyber-Consumers Challenge The Microsoft Monopoly

On Monday, May 12, NetAction launched a campaign to mobilize cyberspace consumers to demand stronger enforcement of antitrust laws against Microsoft Corporation. NetAction's Consumer Choice Campaign is an online grassroots organizing effort intended to educate consumers and put pressure on the federal agencies responsible for enforcing antitrust laws and protecting consumers from anti-competitive business practices. The agencies are the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

We're asking consumers to tell the government: Don't be soft on Microsoft. Consumers can send E-mail to the DOJ ( ) and the FTC ( ) to protest "soft" enforcement of antitrust laws.

The campaign is at: The site includes background information on Microsoft's anti-competitive practices, suggestions for grassroots action by cyberspace consumers, and links to other Web sites with information on the issue.

NetAction is also launching the Micro$oft Monitor, a free electronic newsletter to keep cyber-consumers informed of developments with Microsoft. To subscribe to the Micro$oft Monitor, send E-mail to: and in the body of the message type: subscribe monitor.

NetAction Notes readers received an action alert last Monday announcing the start of the Consumer Choice Campaign. But Notes readers will need to subscribe to the Micro$oft Monitor to receive future alerts and periodic updates on government investigations into complaints about Microsoft's anti-competitive business practices.

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