Speak Up!

It's Not Too Late for Real Reform

On February 8, 1997, the first anniversary of the Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996, NetAction and the Center for Educational Priorities launched a monthlong Internet demonstration to call attention to the wide gap between the rhetoric and reality of this sweeping legislation.

President Clinton and Congress promised the American people that enactment of the Telecommunications Reform Act would lead to a cornucopia of technological innovations that would change the nation's cultural frontiers, expand our choices, dazzle our eyes, and inform our minds. Instead, we've been censored in cyberspace, subjected to TV ratings systems, and prevented from experiencing the benefits of a truly competitive marketplace by the emergence of "cartels" created by mega-mergers in the telecommunications and media industries.

This is not reform! But it's not too late to demand that our decision makers deliver on what they promised us on February 8, 1996: more competition, more consumer choices, more widespread access to information technology.

The Center for Educational Priorities and NetAction spearheaded a monthlong demonstration in an effort to pressure the Federal Communications Commission and other state and national regulatory agencies to ensure that the act is implemented in a way that truly benefits the public. We urge you to keep the pressure on Congress and the FCC. NetAction volunteer attorney Christine Mailloux has prepared an outline of the major issues that remain undecided.