Date: July 25, 2001
Contact: Audrie Krause, Executive Director
Phone: 415-215-9392

DSL User Survey Finds Higher Percentage of Complaints From Bell Customers

SAN FRANCISCO - Broadband users who get service from competitive DSL providers or cable companies have a smaller percentage of complaints than DSL users served by the incumbent regional Bell monopolies, according to a NetAction report on consumer satisfaction.

"In general, the Bells' customers had to wait longer to have service installed, were more likely to have been billed before service commenced, and are less satisfied with technical support and customer service," said Audrie Krause, NetAction's executive director.

NetAction's report is based on a survey of 672 broadband users conducted online in April using a sample obtained from Zoomerang, an online survey clearinghouse.

The survey results appear to support anecdotal reports that the media have published about long waits for service installation, missed appointments, lost orders and lack of coordination among service providers. NetAction conducted the survey to determine whether the reports were accurate or exaggerated.

"Our survey found that a higher percentage of negative experiences were reported by DSL users served by the incumbent regional Bell phone companies than by DSL users served by competitive Internet service providers," said Krause. "When we compared responses from all DSL users to responses from the cable broadband users who participated in the survey, we found that a higher percentage of DSL users reported negative experiences."

The complete survey report is available on NetAction's web site. The findings are summarized below:

The survey results were analyzed and interpreted by Dr. Rashmi Sinha, a researcher and lecturer in the School of Information Management and Systems at the University of California at Berkeley.

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