The Virtual Activist

A Training Course
presented by Audrie Krause, NetAction
Michael Stein, Children Now, and Judi Clark, WomensWork

Success on the Internet:
Creating An Effective Online Presence

by Michael Stein
Presented at the Nonprofits and Technology Conference
San Francisco ~ June 23, 1999

  1. Develop an engaging online content model for your constituency
  2. Maintain your own Web site
  3. Push your content at your constituency with email
  4. Assess new technologies for your online presence
  5. Work with Web portals to disseminate content and drive traffic to your site
  6. Get listed with Web search engines and directories
  7. Get linked with other Web sites in your issue area
  8. Adopt a cross-medium approach to your Internet content
  9. Experiment with online fundraising models
  10. Evaluate the effectiveness of your Internet presence

Michael Stein is the Internet Coordinator at Children Now ( and in Oakland, CA, a national children's advocacy organization. He is the author of two books about the Internet including Fundraising on the Internet with Mal Warwick and Nick Allen (published by Strathmoor Press). Michael is a frequent advisor, consultant and lecturer on Internet strategy to nonprofits nationwide and can be reached at or 510-883-9530.

Reposted with permission.

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